Michael S. Miller, a nationally recognized photographer, is best known for his classic black and white landscapes, nature images, and street photography. He received his degree from the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he studied graphic design, fine art, and commercial photography.

In 1986 Michael’s started his photography career in New York City, and his unique vision has kept him busy capturing images for various annual reports, local and national publications, magazine covers, advertising, and more… His prints adorn the walls of private, corporate, and the National Park Service collections.

Michael started concentrating on his personal projects and established the fine art studio, MSMPIX in the early 90’s.

Michael has always loved to share his passion for photography with others. In 2009 Michael and his wife Beverly, established Visions Photographic Workshops at the beautiful Jersey Shore. As Visions Photographic Workshops’ Instructor, Michael leads various trips, tours, and workshops worldwide. He has developed the reputation of being an inspirational and patient mentor, gifted in the art of teaching classic photography and infusing it with today’s technology. When not capturing images or conducting workshops, Michael, Beverly and their pup, Leica are avid hikers, cyclists and backcountry skiers.


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